1. Hvornår åbnede det nye bibliotek i Herning?

2. Hvor mange butikker er der i Herning City, hvor man bl.a. Kan købe tøj, sko, brugskunst, tasker, parfume, makeup, madvarer og meget mere?

3. Hvor mange indbyggere er der i Herning?

4. Hvem er Hernings borgmester?

5. Hvad er Hernings motto?

Skriv dine svar i kommentarfeltet, og hver med til at VINDE en øl eller sodavand til fredagsbar.

Vinderen bliver offentliggeres 17/3.


1.028 Replies to “Quiz: Hvor godt kender du dit Herning?”

  1. it used to be true for me too. its funny because i’m not scared of say dogs because when a dog attacked me on the street i just kicked it hard in the stomach but spiders used to just terrify me. its especially humiliating when i’m next to a girl and suddenly some spider comes at me and i wuss out. to deal with it i would suggest you look around for some spiders around your house and just kill as many as you possibly can. eventually you will lose all fear of them. i am less scared of them now.

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