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  1. #175,Kettle, with a few rare exceptions, you are right–interest rates go up, prices come down. I don’t need to beat the dead horse again, but it’s much better to have a lower price and a higher interest rate than the other way around…BTW, even some realtors I know acknowledge when rates go up, prices come down.

  2. pp: where oh where have u been?!foodbin: is tt another name for horseshoe crabs?chumpman: johnathan did, i ask him!johnathan:ai ya, ur grandma was right, these things can be nasty for ur tummy if u don’t know which parts to discard. tsk tsk tsk, grandma was just concerned, not greedy..:Dand now the question we all want the answer to: how does it taste??

  3. oct13Francois Dur, dur, dur de choisir, il y tellement de bons resto a Montreal. Pour n’en nommer qu’un, je dirais le Bouillon Bilk. On est toujours reçu chaleureusement, la cuisine est excellente et il y toujours des nouveaux vins intéressants à découvrir.

  4. I like your approach, all except for the nukes. Nukes will kill everything. I'd rather have a virus that kills only humans (painlessly) and leaves everything else intact.There used to be a rumor that Earth First! was developing such a virus. I doubt it, but it's an excellent idea.

  5. Hi Mickey, I am very glad your dh Russ is home with you again. Hope they can fix his valve! I am delighted that this did nog chase your mojo, as ever you are my inspiration! Love, hugs and prayers from Holland

  6. Alex Kane reports that the demonstrators criticizing Israel’s assault on Gaza greatly outnumber the demonstrators supporting it. And that’s IN NEW YORK CITY!!!During Operation Cast Lead (2008), M. J. Rosenberg reported that “there was little show of support for the war. In New York, a city where crowds of 250,000 came out for ‘solidarity’ rallies in the past, only 8,000 came to Manhattan for a community demonstration on a sunny Sunday”.M. J. Rosenberg, “Post-Gaza Sea Change”, Israel Policy Forum (30 Jan 2009; quoted in Norman Finkelstein, ‘This Time We Went Too Far’, p. 123. (revised edition, OR books, 2011).

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