Vi får her braecking news direkte fra det hvidehus, hvor rapporter Jakob Kristensen er med helt fremme. Det amerikanske folk mener ikke at det var den rigtige beslutning som blev taget af Fidel Castro og hans regering, det var den forkerte løsning på den her konflikt. Det er et ændret USA, vi ser strejker og stor modstand mod kommunismen, som denne Fidel Castro ledet regering er bakket op af. Hvor i mod man fra Sovjet høre stor opbakning og at det var en rigtig beslutning som blev taget, Sovjet slutter af med at udtale at Cuba og det Cubanske folk vil blive støttet og op bakket af Sovjet.

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  1. Oui, c’est un excellent papier, qui a d’ailleurs beaucoup fait frétiller les doomers de tout poil. Son seul défaut, à mon sens, c’est qu’il sous-estime la capacité de réaction des états à un effondrement du système. Dans une situation pareille, un état nationaliserait tout (situation de crise), abandonnerait le système monétaire actuel, et on se retrouverait avec une crise qui ressemblerait pour beaucoup à ce qui s’est passé au début du 20ème siècle.

  2. “Typically I vote for whomever is in favour of a more efficient and extensive welfare state, and a more progressive, freedom-embracing social policy.”One or the other crumb.  A more extensive welfare state is paid for with more government control and less individual freedom.No wonder you are so hard to talk to, you don’t even understand how your own goals conflict with themselves.

  3. A lot have really held true for me — the Beverly Cleary books, for example. Of course, they're from a different era and in that scope feel a bit dated, but the emotional make up — Cleary's strong ability to capture childhood so honestly — is even more powerful to me as a former teacher, mother, and author.A slower plot is just a given, I think, with anything not written in the last 15-20 years. I'm okay with that.A confession: I was the only kid on the planet not to connect with A WRINKLE IN TIME. Maybe this is the year to give it another chance.

  4. This video is very informative and put together very well. But even before the video, it was so clear what the Obama administration and mainstream media were doing – creating a false narrative and a diversion from the truth which has become their routine MO. Anyone paying attention would have to intentionally not want to know the truth to not see this as perhaps the largest coverup of our lifetime. I now wish the question asked would be what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi in the first place. This may be the real story.

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